How to find a Job in the Video Game industry

The choice of what to do with one’s life is not an easy one. There are so many options to choose from but what matters most is the kind of fulfillment and the bliss that you get from the job. The gaming industry is one of the fastest evolving industries in the world currently, and there are so many opportunities to choose from. Finding a job in the gaming industry demands a lot of courage, skill, dedication, creativity, and more so talent. There is so much to do in the gaming industry you will be spoiled for choice. 


Game Designer


Game designing is the foundation of the entire industry. A game designer is the one who conceives the idea and he or she is the brains behind the concept of the game. This demands a lot of creativity, but even more, an educational background in graphic design can come in handy. 

Video game designer

By taking basic arts and design courses, you get the upper hand in being taken up for a job as a game designer. Some companies will demand sketches and this is where your talent and creativity comes in. The emphasis is basically on the level of creativity and the ability to come up with new things, simply your ability to have a different perspective is what matters most. 

Game Developer


Developers form a very important part of the gaming industry. They determine what becomes of the idea conceived by the designer. The team of developers is made of different professionals and this is where there are numerous opportunities and the need for academic qualifications arises.

Video game developper

Game Programmer


Programmers design and develop codes that make the game run on computers. They are basically computer engineers. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or computer engineering will put you at an advantage when it comes to landing a job in the gaming industry. Other skills like learning a new language make you diverse and it increases your marketability.

Game Animator


Artists and animators bring to life the concept of the game. They create pictures that form the images in the game. The gaming industry demands something creative and one that is user-friendly. This is exactly what animators need to put into perspective. A bachelor’s degree in fine arts, computer graphics or other courses such as computer science and programming are mandatory when it comes to landing this job in the gaming industry. 

Video game animation

However, there are other skills that are mandatory for any animator. Talent is fundamental and creativity complements talent. Communication skills and proper time management attributes make one a worthy candidate in the eyes of potential employers. If you are not talented in the field of arts, you should not be discouraged. What matters most is your ability to learn and adopt new skills that are in line with what the gaming industry demands. 

Game Tester


Video game testers are very important personnel when it comes to gaming. Their work is centered on quality assurance. The focus is to ensure the clients get value for their money. In addition to this, their goal is to identify problems with the game, report them and ensure they are addressed.

playing video game

There is diversity in this job but computer knowledge and skills are essential. To an added advantage, some of training on customer relations can come in handy in this particular job.

Technical Support


Last but not least, there is the provision of being part of the tech support team in the gaming industry. They form a very important connection between the company and the members of the public who get to enjoy and use the game. For this reason, the technical support team is more or less like the ambassadors of the gaming industry. Good computer knowledge is essential since the job is centered on everything to do with computers. More importantly, a diploma or a certificate in public relations can be handy when it comes to such a job.

technical support call center

It is important to understand the diversity in the client base of the gaming industry and for this reason, even proper language and communication skills are fundamental. There is so much to appreciate in the gaming industry. Landing a job demands an aggressive and hardworking nature since competition is also stiff. Having a targeted focus and knowing what you want to do and how to do it is the first step in landing any job, not just in the gaming industry.

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